Turn into a Turbozaur - with branded AR Viber lenses

AR lenses with main Turbozaurs characters are now available on Viber, already home to the Turbozaurs’ global channel boasting over 230 thousand subscribers from over 30 countries. Turbozaur fans can now enjoy and interact with a total of 7 exclusive lenses, each representing the 7 dinosaur  characters of this increasingly popular animated series. 

AR lenses respond to facial expressions of a person: when shooting photos and videos, you can smile or wink, and the lenses repeat your facial movements. AR lenses on Viber are created with Snapchat technology that makes it easy to take photos and videos with augmented reality, share it with friends through Viber or save on your device. This popular format, especially among kids and teenagers, helps to engage young users, develop their creative skills. It also fills communication with positive emotions.  AR lenses is another step of Viber and Turbozaurs long term partnership. In the end of 2022 Turbozaurs launched its international channel in English on Viber with edutainment content that attracted young followers and their parents from different continents. Since then they used different digital tools of promotion to elevate brand knowledge, including fun stickers with the images of all the key series’ characters.

Start creating cool content with Turbozarus lenses by clicking on the link.